Clutch your goals with the Mighty Tiny Win.

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Imagine pushing a ball.
Like SUV big.
How’s that working out?
Now imagine pushing a tiny ball.
Like gumball big.
How’s that working?

The gumball got some distance, huh?
Well, the same thing goes with goals.
The tinier they are, the more they move.

That’s what this object is about.
Mighty Tiny Wins.

How it Works


Set Your Tiny Daily Goal

Like yoga at home for 15 minutes.


Track The Win Daily

Move the ball forward each day you hit your goal.


Celebrate The Improved You

Nailed your first week? Move the pin to track the next.

About Us

Bejay Breton

I’m an engineer. Daylighting as a senior accountant at a precision manufacturing firm serving NASA & other fine folks.

Hoyd Breton

I'm a product designer. Daylighting as a product designer at Spotify, previously at Facebook.

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